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> Kyle: Be Cartman.

You’d rather not, this narrative is hyperactive and jumpy enough as is. And didn’t you JUST SAY you had things to do????? In fact, you should stop asking to be that douchebag altogether, because it’s making SOMEONE feel a little UNAPPRECIATED!!!!!

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> Examine poster.

Oh Illusen baby I didn’t mean to take quests from Jhudora, I just needed the items! You’re the only one for me.

Right. That’s enough of that. You have things to do, places to see, and people to talk to.

> Kyle: Be Cartman.

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spoiler alert timmy’s chumhandle is timmyTimmy

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No, the once-ler joke just enhanced its perfection.

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Most perfect crossover AU. Most perfect.

we just made a once-ler joke

i think you spoke too soon

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> Kyle: Answer Cartman.

— imperiousEndomorph [IE] began pestering irasciblyKosher [IK] —

IE: Kyleeeeeeeeeee

IK: what.

IE: Guess

IK: no.

IE: Cmonnnnnn Kyle stop being such a Killjoy havent your People already done enough already

IK: cartman, i don’t have time for your bullshit.

IE: The least You could do is be happy for your Friend but noooo Kyle just cares about Himself

IE: Kyle Im sorry I got the Beta and that Selfishness is Something common in all Jews but try to reign It in

IK: stop being such an anti-semitic asshole!!!! >:o

IE: But Kyle Im just doing What comes naturally

IE: Ill stop being One when Jews stop being the lying Rats that They are

IE: That means never

IK: fuck you!!!!!!!!

— irasciblyKosher [IK] blocked imperiousEndomorph [IE] —

> Examine poster.

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> Be Kyle.

Oh no. It’s him again. You could’ve sworn you had him blocked, but he’s simply relentless.

> Kyle: Answer Cartman.


> Kenny: Open closet.


> Be Kyle.

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